Girl 'Kidnapped' BABIES To Be Raped on Live Stream For Elite Pedophiles

Liezyl Margallo, 23, charged pedophiles up $10,000 per view By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle on 18th June 2018 @ 8.40pm

liezyl margallo  23  charged pedophiles up  10 000 per view
A  girl has been caught abducting children for them to be abused online live stream for pedophiles, according to police.  Liezyl Margallo, 23, charged pedophiles up $10,000 per view from the sickening live stream.

Margallo will now face charges of sex crimes, exploitation, and human trafficking for her part in the elite pedophile ring which profited from videos and images of horrific child abuse.Margallo is also accused of helping lure and kidnap children to be abused with her live-in partner Peter Gerard Scully.

Scully's part in the horrendous crimes has led to calls for the death penalty to be reinstated by the Filipino authorities.

Elite pedophile predators were given access to live stream footage, which included children being violently raped, for up to $10,000.
girl  kidnapped  babies to be raped on live stream for elite pedophiles

Police tracked down and arrested Margallo on Wednesday in Cagayan de Oro, before Scully was arrested in 2015."It was too much. There are really just some people who are not afraid of God. Children were treated like dolls,” said lawyer Janet Francisco, head of the Manila-based anti-trafficking division.

"They were tortured and exposed to too much pain. Anyone who does that is not normal. I could not help but cry when I saw the video.” She said.

Margallo is also accused of taking part in the abuse videos while wearing a black mask to conceal her identity. 

One video, which was provided by Dutch police, sold by the elite pedophile ring, was entitled “Destruction of Daisy” - it showed a one-year-old hung upside down and abused with scalding hot wax from flaming candle and hit with a beltMargallo was also the woman who carried out the torture in the video which police described as the “worst” they have ever seen.

She is accused of her part in the abuse of at least nine children, including a 12-year-old whose body was discovered in her and Scully's apartment in Surigao City, Philippines. 

Margallo was presented to the media at a press conference, but she refused to say anything.Videos believed to have been uploaded by her and Scully sparked a global manhunt led by Interpol.Investigator Dominador Cimafranca:"If I were to describe her, I would call her a ‘savage girl’ for what she has done to the kids. I think that description fits her."

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