Letter from a gang stalking victim and Targeted Individual Nina Sidorova

Letter submitted to this website by Nina Sidorova. Targeted Individual and gang stalking victim. She has giving me permission to publish it and here is the letter sent by her to many institutions to ask for help:

United States Department of Justice
Criminal Division

General Joseph Dunford
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces

Major General Kevin Vereen-the Provost Marshal General of the United states Army, Commanding General U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command 

Brigadier General Duane R. Miller Deputy Commanding General 

Chief Military Prosecutor of the Russian Federation
Petrov Valery Georgievich
Сс: Russian Congress-The State Duma of the Russian Federation  

The International Criminal Tribunals  


Headquarters of 50 FBI State Agencies

Honorable Sirs!  
Below is a description of the organized crime syndicate of so-called law-enforcement agents, who are in fact enemy combats, traitors and war criminals. They together with  the members of Jewish Criminal Organizations such ADL, Chabad, AIPAC, etc. participate  now in THE GENOCIDE of the Russian Americans, people of other Slavic nationalities, and Orthodox Christians of California. 

                                           Honorable Officials!  Dear Friends!  Americans!
Please read below a description of the organized crime syndicate of so-called law-enforcement agents, who are in fact enemy combats, traitors and war criminals.

This organized police and sheriff’s crime syndicate is described on the United Nations Website. This organized crime syndicate has also been exposed by our flagship patriotic website, State of the Nation. The portrayal of the criminal activity that follows is based on testimony from a member of this crime syndicate.  

The very same crime syndicate was well explained by the famous FBI Senior Special Agent-In-Charge Ted Gunderson, a true American hero.  Please read below the Sworn Testimony of Former FBI Senior Special Agent-In-Charge Ted Gunderson where he swears under the pain of penalties awarded by a jury of his peers that the following statements are true and correct! 

Americans, please read this critical information post-haste!  Read, brothers and sisters, because tomorrow you child, sister, mother, father or you can become a victim of these police gangsters and corrupted sheriffs should anyone offer them money to torture and/or murder you! 

8 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason
· US Code
Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.
The truth at any cost lowers all other costs

The truth at any cost lowers all other costs

Chairman: Gordon DuffVT Senior Editor, U.S. Marines, Vietnam, Managing Director, Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland.

Quote: Gordon Duff: A Letter to President Trump about Satanic Zionist Influence — A Runaway Train

Police?  Radicalized, turned into an occupying army armed with military weapons, feared even by white America, with the promise of full and total surveillance and control by the most corrupt and least trusted element of American society!
Mr. Gordon Duff is Right!  

Dear Friends!  Honorable Officials!

Aren't also our US Heroes, Paul Stramer and CIA Withleblower Kevin Shipp, RIGHT? 

Weren't Right Mr. Paul Stramer and Our US Hero Kevin Shipp stating, "I know that from personal experience at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada in 2014, and many other events in the last few years? These guys  just flat don't give a damn who they run over or what your status is to get what they want, which is total dictatorial and tyrannical absolute power
They are criminals with badges and guns, and you are in their crosshairs!"

You also can read below articles and testimonies a quote from 4/12/2019 US Intel Report.  Even high-level US Intel and President Trump named corrupted FBI Agents with its Fusion Centers as FBI’s Demonic Cockroaches,stating:

President Trump will announce many things in the coming months. Massive jobs are going to be created. One of Trump's announcements will be the massive corruption within our own FBI! We've caught them red handed!    Trump now needs this money, so the country doesn't panic when they learn that our FBI is literally infested with Demonic Cockroaches, who protected crooked Hillary for a paycheck! 

The horrific violence committed by police gangsters, who are the mercenaries of the private corporations such as NFCA (Fusion Centers), is going on in the Northern California...  

Where is our US Military?  Where they are? 

Where are General Joseph Dunford and his Special Forces?

 Murderers, Traitors and War Criminals:
Where are they while police gangsters, mercenaries of private corporations such as such as Puerto-Rican-born San Jose Chief Eddie Garcia; Mountain View Police Chief Max Bosel;  Vietnam-born Chief of Sunnyvale Police Department Phan Ngo, Michael Sena-Director of a Private Criminal Corporation NFCA (Fusion Centers); corrupted sheriffs such as San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos-Nicaraguan, such as Sheriff Lori Smith of the Santa Clara County; Sheriff of Alameda County Gregory Ahern- a member of pedophile Rotary Club; Chief of San Francisco Police Department William Scott; Los Gatos Police Chief Peter Decena; Chief of Fremont Police Department Kimberly Petersen, and their crime partners in the police departments and sheriff’s offices are torturing, killing and  money-grubbing peaceful US citizens, who are residents of the State of California? Who would stop these traitors, murderers and police gangsters who are on pay lists of the organized crime syndicate?

Most of these corrupted police chiefs and sheriffs, some of whom were even arrested by the FBI in brothels for pedophilia, are on Israeli Mossad's blackmail hook! 

They are also on pay lists of mafias! I have already proved this fact. I showed the accounts, from which they receive money each month for torturing and killing peaceful US civilians.

How should our peaceful US citizens in the Northern California protect themselves and protect their children and seniors from these police gangsters-bandits? 

Most of these police gangsters were brought by the criminal Jewish Organization --- ADL --- to Israel where they were expertly trained in Israel.  Now, these police and sheriff’s gangsters are money-grubbing, torturing, and murdering our children, women and seniors just as Israelis torture and murder Palestinians!  

When will the US Army protect US citizens, our defenseless children, women and seniors, from these police and sheriff gangsters, who are now members of an extremely dangerous and violent organized crime syndicate?  I ask: "WHEN?" 

Please, read below how their violent crime syndicate is organized, as well as how much they receive from torturing and murdering each type of their victims.  Read it to know what kinds of individuals and departments they have in their crime syndicate, and how they are connected to the corrupted judges, district attorneys, lawyers, and the notorious "Doctors of Death". 

Read, brothers and sisters, because tomorrow you child, sister, mother, father or you can become a victim of these police gangsters and corrupted sheriffs.  All that is necessary is for someone to offer them money to torture and murder you! 

Nina Sidorova  

1.   The report on the United Nations ‘website. 12 December 2016“A groundbreaking report was released to the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture by the activist organization ITHACA reveals the existence of a massive, secret imprisonment and torture system that targets tens of thousands of Americans each year. (Some have estimated it yields annual profits upwards of $40-billion annually to the perpetrators." This report explains that the "Secret U.S. Torture Network “is protected by a fearsome network of judges, attorneys and other court officers, court-appointed guardians, law enforcement, APS social workers, psychologists and medical personnel.
The report that was submitted the United Nations is correct! 

Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishmenthttp://www.ohchr.org/EN/Issues/Torture/SRTorture/Pages/SRTortureIndex.aspx
New Report to U.N. Special Rapporteur Blasts Secret U.S. Torture Network

In December 2016: “A groundbreaking report just released to the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture by the activist organization ITHACA reveals the existence of a massive, secret imprisonment and torture system that targets tens of thousands of Americans each year. 
Some have estimated it yields annual profits upwards of $40-billion annually to the perpetrators."  
Once again:
 Annual Profits Upwards of $40-billion annually to the perpetrators! 
This report explains that the 
The Secret U.S. Torture Network  is protected by a fearsome network of judges, attorneys and other court officers, court-appointed guardians, law enforcement, APS social workers, psychologists and medical personnel.” 
Below is an example how members of this crime syndicate, sheriffs, look 
Carlos Bolanos detained in FBI human trafficking sting
Quote: "He's got a thing for underaged MINOR trafficked girls. A report funded by the U.S Department of Justice and put out by Shared Hope in 2008, called " Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking- Las Vegas- cites the Operation Dollhouse Bolanos/Munks incident says that a minor was found at the brothel. She was a 15 year old Latina..."
Sheriff Bolanos Detained by FBI in human trafficking sting
Carlos Bolanos detained in FBI human trafficking sting

Dear Friends, on April 24, at 9:15 PM, Sheriff Gangster Carlos Bolanos with his crime partners tried to assassinate me. (Note to Officials, please review my FBI and DOJ report). 
Ms. Nina Sidorova

The Modus Operandi Syndicate: A Professional Gang Of

Hitmen On Contract To The Security & Intelligence Agencies




The syndicate was presented to me a gang stalker as a kind of fraternity, a Masonic-like mutual profit organization with strong police- like overtones….The “advancement system” of the syndicate is a slippery slope. They make you give up your security privileges, so eventually all of your communications are watched and you have to attend meeting after meeting of mind-numbing pledges and chants. The premise is that if you sign contracts giving up personal liberties for the group, and you are genuinely innocent, then you will be promoted. I have only been promoted once, to the rank of manager, and I don’t feel as if it is a rewarding experience...
Worse, you are never allowed to leave because they think you will give away secrets. Leaving is only permissible with a special contract that permits the syndicate to destroy your credibility (usually they make sure that the most attention any secrets that you reveal get is from crackpot UFO magazines, or diagnose you with schizophrenia).There are other problems. If you have children, you have to send them to education in syndicate owned schools. If you have a wife, you have to report on her, allow her to be spied upon, and be prepared to target her if they decide to turn her into a TI. The official “compensation” policy is that you will get to keep the children if she lodges a divorce. However, you won’t get to keep most of her material goods. They only want her to lose in the divorce proceedings so she gets nothing, not so the husband gets anything, so the syndicate takes it back as a tithe.
              Targets of Syndicate are divided into four categories:
1. Mercenary: Mercenary targets are bought by outside parties. We advertise under a range of guises, from ads by “individuals” claiming to be able to kidnap people, to practical jokers. Some groups, like big corporations and some governments (the government of ….pays us to keep some people busy, and Xxxxxxs when they have too many people protesting whaling) know fully well what sort of services we do, so we don’t really hide them. We get a lot of money from them, but we can still muster up a fair bit if worse comes to worst. I’m not sure so much about the NWO theory. Maybe the Xxxxxxx count, but you’d be surprised at how much money we can get from crimes…
2. Practice: The second type of target is the practice target. We use them to train mobs. The targets don’t actually change, because we don’t want TOO many people fighting back at us. But we do rotate trainees between practice targets. This stops the person seeing the same people every time there is a street show ones are chosen.
(Note: Ms. Nina Sidorova: Can you imagine, Friends? Just for fun! You can be tortured or killed in the USA for Fun of those who hijacked police departments, the FBI, etc. )
3. Planning: Then there are planning targets. These are selected by the syndicate for some reason or rather but aren’t paid for by mercenaries. You can usually tell the difference between planning and practice targets because they send people with experience after them. They’re still chosen by the same people though. The practice ones are of course chosen for their timidity. I don’t know how the planning ones are chosen.
4. Enemy: Enemy targets are people that decide they’ve had enough and turn against us. Since they protest and try to foil our plans (which, considering that our jobs are already nervy, is a real pain in the arse), we try to really give them hell. The best way, of course, is through the psychs. Some people up-top are proposing that we just kill them and have them declared Natural Causes or Accidental by the coroner. So some people at the top are in fact doing this. 
(Note: Ms. Nina Sidorova: Friends, I assume that these war criminals put my name in this category of targets.  This is why they committed 149 (One Hundred Forty Nine!) criminal offences against me. These criminal offences are registered with the FBI and police.) 
The Branches of the Modus Operandi Syndicate
I introduce the main branches of the syndicate. Each branch recruits its own (everybody is a member of one of the branches) instead of people just joining a common pool. This keeps the work separate and stops people from finding stuff out that they shouldn’t.
1. The Scripting, Observation, and Execution Bureau (or “The Theatre” as it is popularly known). By execution, I mean the execution of orders, not the other kind. We do the work that the majority of people with any knowledge of gang stalking will be familiar with: pestering and scripting minor incidents. The Theatre is actually divided into two sub-branches: 
a. Scripting Orchestration Officers (or “playwrights” as they call themselves)
b. Field Officers (or “thespians” as we call ourselves).
The syndicate has most variety in its recruits. Popular sources are the police, the fire department, the zoo, and technicians of any kind. But we recruit from all places. Most members are neighborhood watch types (not official Neighborhood Watch, but “concerned people”). The syndicate likes to "help" vulnerable people like abused women, women with cancer, mentally ill people, victimized minorities, etc. then recruit them for his hate campaigns. If a person is a key person (like a friend of the target) he will often victimize the person himself to "soften" them up, claim that the target did it and then use that to recruit them.
2. The Bureau of Authority (“The Moneybags”). They don’t actually control the syndicate, but they have all the right jobs and connections. So, a judge might have control over the judicial process, but he will answer to a superior in the syndicate. Psychiatrists belong here too. The Moneybags are so-called because they raise a lot of the money. It would be suspicious if big corporations funded groups like this, but they can invest money into front- groups. And the majority of the syndicate’s work is done through completely legitimate fronts. We can tap phone lines and access people’s records from behind government agencies. Usually, these are the guys that go after Enemy Targets. Normally, harassment is organized under several “action policies”. If a target isn’t an enemy, a standard policy is enforced. Low level organizers (the aforementioned “playwrights”) play around with the target for a while and rotate crews
When a target is an “enemy”, the policy doesn’t immediately change, but orders filter down from high-level organizers (usually the Supreme Council) which direct ‘Thespians’ to provoke the target or a similar action, and Moneybags to crack down on them once they get in the way of the system. This is called Mincing, because the thespians lure the “meat” (by making it complain or fight back) into the “mincer”.
“Doctors of Death” belong to the Bureau of Authority…” The Bureau of Authority also protects members of the syndicate. Normally, in a court case/psych examination or similar situation where a syndicate member is at the mercy of a moneybag, a special order arrives from above telling the moneybag to take it easy on the guy and let him off scot free. The order is always printed in blue, on fancy cherry-blossom paper, but in a very official border/font.
“Cherrying” is the name for this secret process. The Bureau of Authority has a very organized system of lawyers, judges, medical officers, etc. Whenever you’re committing a crime for the good of the syndicate, you must always report your location. Then they send Cousin Nancy (this is an affectionate term for the police in the employment of the syndicate that they send to arrest you instead of non- syndicate cops, so you can go straight through the appropriate channels without anything suspicious being seen) to tail you and “arrest” you the moment somebody calls 911.
They all follow a minimalist strategy though. For example, the mayor of a city isn’t a member of the syndicate. But several of his advisors and aides are. This way we can get laws passed in a discreet manner, and if a high-profile figure is targeted, our hold on an organization doesn’t loosen. We try to arrange elections of mayors that aren’t too headstrong. Though the government is mainly used as a minor nuisance. We prefer the courts for most activities
3. The Bureau of Technology (Field), BoT(F) is the group in charge of the electrical equipment. They work alongside us thespians and “gaffer” the targets by giving them the usual fatigue/headaches/medical problems. They can also destroy equipment, screw up televisions, the works. I think they are particularly sadistic.
Different crews use different Techs, but they’re all unpleasant. The incapacitators come in a lot of different forms. 
a. There are ones that come as a lightbulb that slowly gives people eye-strain and makes them tired. You can fit some in computer/TV monitors and the glare irritates people. 
b. Fridge magnets with electronic devices in them. That isn’t the extent of the BoT(F)’s machinery.
c. They manufacture pills that can cause deformities in the womb, as well as miscarriage and give them to women in their food. They can fake HIV/AIDS so the test shows up positive the first time, but subsequent tests show that it was a false positive. This faux-HIV can be put in the target’s food.
d. One Field Tech I knew had a penchant for giving people Syphilis. They could treat it easily enough with penicillin (and the syndicate always made sure that it would be diagnosed on time), but it showed up on the targets’ permanent records for medical treatment.
e. They also conduct extensive military testing without the target’s knowledge
f. Doctors of Death of syndicate give improper treatment that can result in the Protozoa going into one's organs (liver and kidney) and damaging them permanently
g. One TI we were monitoring was found to have a malignant tumor in his head (not our doing). He wasn’t experiencing any of the symptoms, so we gave him some through the incapacitators and had a few of his friends warn him about cancer. He had a test done, and just for fun, we had the doctor tell him how dangerous it could be and how he could die soon.
4. The Bureau of Technology (Communications) monitors the target’s phone calls, emails, and absolutely everything else. They tend to recruit from the national archives, census takers office, records office, credit card companies, medicare, insurance, etc. They are the logistics branch. As I said, most of the syndicate’s work is done from within legitimate areas. What the BoT(C) does (very often) is send a “receptionist applicant” over to a credit card company or government agency pretending she knows nothing about hacking computers or accessing records. We pull a few strings and she’s in. She then steals information while nobody is looking. A few old-timers like to have 100% control over the “records farm” but most prefer the minimalist approach. This is the bureau that gives out information and orders to everybody else, and also acts as a communications post for the whole syndicate
The Supreme Council delivers orders through them. Outside orders are also taken in through the BoT(C), which advertises as a mercenary group through certain channels.
5. The Bureau of Alliances or “trading partners” handles our allies. As far as I know, the syndicate is Xxxxxxan only. The only other gang stalking group in this country is a West Xxxxxxxxan organization called the confederacy. Very often they try to move into the xxxxx xxxxx so we have to hold them back, diplomatically or otherwise. However, we have contracts with Xxxxxxan groups whereby we handle their targets when they move into Xxxxxx. The same with the Xxxxan groups and the confederacy. The other groups pay for their targets to be “handled” while they travel here. We make millions of dollars this way.
The Supreme Council
Finally, the Supreme Council controls the entire operation. I have no idea who they are, except that they have a fancy name instead of being a Bureau. They do not recruit their own men. They promote from the other departments. Most of them seem to be wealthy individuals with inheritances that manage to maintain their fortunes from investments. Not one is a CEO, Judge, or Politician. They are all just old money family types that live in the Xxxxxx Xxxxx and seem unusually lucky with their money (no doubt through insider trading). 
Despite this, they have a lot of spiffy technology. They have a kind of reverse incapacitator that improves their health and increases their performance. Most of them look incredibly young for their age. We don’t see them much, though. Often, an audience with one of them is a kind of reward for good service.
Ranks of the members of the Modus Operandi Syndicate of Murdering and Torturing People
1. The lowest members are pawns. They’re not technically members, because there’s no permanent service contract and they don’t know they’re working for us. They take orders from us, but they’re not expected to attend meetings. We call our pawns “concerned citizens.” 
2. The Authority bureau has “office boys” or “secretaries”
3. The BoT(F) has “lab rats” (who very often are paid volunteers for experiments, or people who don’t know what they’re testing)
4. The BoT(C) has “spelunkers”
5. The BoA has “travel agents”
Unfortunately, we’re not obligated to give protection to any of these people. So, we can give a vet an order to put down a dog, without telling him that it isn’t consented to by the owner, and he will do the job and get sued without us giving him legal protection. A lot of our street theater is done by people that don’t even know they’re part of a syndicate. They think they’re a grass roots movement and don’t know that there are other people harassing the target.
The BoT(C) recruits people that think they’re joining l33t hacker groups on the internet, or people that think that they’re just following orders from the archives.

The BoT(F) does 80% of its research at legitimate agencies like Xxxxxx’s XXXXX and its drug companies. The task of pawns is to think that what they’re doing is either normal and routine, or criminal in an individual isolated manner.
All the Bureaus wrap themselves up in different colors:
a. The Moneybags pretend to be a secret club for the elite (and many of them are indeed quite powerful and wealthy, second only to the Supreme Council).
b. The BoT(F) claims to be a “humane” research agency, or a means by which scientists can resist corporate greed, though it still attracts deviants. 
c. The BoT(C) is conspiratorially minded, and pretends to be a group searching for the ‘secrets of the illuminati’ or the illuminati themselves.
d. The BoA claims to be a contract agency, traveler’s club, or accounting firm.
Recruits perform tasks that they know are illegal, or immoral, but they still generally believe that they’re doing it for a reason. Managers like me come above the recruits and do some actual organization, whether leading a crew to a street theater match or planning an attack. Generally, managers know everything about the syndicate except what its goal is. Most are greedy enough to accept that it isn’t a morally motivated group. We also engage in communication with other Bureaus to co-ordinate our activities. Finally, a rare few are promoted to the Supreme Council.
Different terms are used for different MOs: The Theater has “Playwrights” and “Leading Roles”. The moneybags have “Success Stories”. The BoT(F) has “Research Directors”. The BoT(C) has “Information Awareness Officers”. The BoA has “Arrangers”.

GLOSSARY OF TERMS (both colloquial and official)
CONTRACT- T.I. OR TARGET:This is the official term. Used as “Enemy Contract” or “Planning Contract”. Enemy contract is often referred to as “hostile contract”.
CHERRYING: Getting out of a legal tangle through the syndicate’s intervention.
NIPPLE-KISSER: a ‘deviant’ recruit, recruited because of a desire for sadism.
HOLY POLY: a ‘religious’ puritans recruit.

THE EFFECT: the fact that greedy and sadistic recruits are selected for managing jobs more readily than anybody with integrity.

FBG (fertile breeding ground): a crew of nipple-kissers, based on the idea that they are a fertile breeding ground for future managers.

MINCING: Luring a target into the legal system.

DEFACING: making faces at a contract, or otherwise intimidating them.
XXXXXX XXXXX SYNDROME: having a target so socially unpredictable and badly-off that you can’t really think of many ways to make their life much worse.
RAINBOW SHOCK: the fact that you have to act nice to the rest of the public immediately after you’ve stopped defacing a contract.
BREAK-A-LEG JOB: a particularly hostile attack against a contract, or a plan which involves approaching the target and talking to them.
SAKURAKAI: a crew that is particularly overt in its stalking and gets caught too often. In other words, it has to be cherried all the time.
CREW:A unit of recruits and pawns under a single MO. In other words, a group of gang stalkers.
ZAPPERATING:  using electronic devices to affect the health of a target.
XXXXXXX XXXXXrhyming slang. for big mistake, roughly means “we shouldn’t have used this method”.
UNCHAINED, UNCOVEREDauthorities that are not pawns or recruits.
COVERED:A member of the public that is under the control of the syndicate (as a pawn).
PUBLIC FACE: A recruit or manager’s official life outside of the syndicate.
PRIVATE LIFE:a syndicate member’s activities with the syndicate.
INCAPACITATOR: a device that affects the sleeping patterns/stress/fatigue/headaches of a contract.
VOODOO:the means of acting hostile to a target (pointing, staring, etc).
LOMOSEXUAL: a syndicate member with a knack for photography. (“There’s a lomo in every crew!”)
NYUNKIA: (Not Your Usual Nipple-Kissing Incapacitator Asshole), the “yu” is pronounced as the “oo” in ‘moon’. refers to a particularly sadistic or deviant BoT(F) member.
BONER: another word for an enemy target.
YELLOW MEAT:criminals, as opposed to “concerned citizens” refer to criminals recruited into the syndicate.
XXXXXXXX (verb): to Xxxxxx somebody is to run them over or chase them with a car.
GIGOLO-BOP: to make sexual advances to an unattractive target, term mainly used by “nipple kisser” deviants.
CANCELLING: causing a miscarriage.
CRASH TEST DUMMY: a practice target.
HANG-JOB: the experience of having a target that one has enjoyed tormenting suddenly commit suicide. Term used mainly by nipple kissers/nyunkias.
COUSIN NANCY: a police unit sent to tail a crew and arrest them before an unchained police unit can do it.
XXXXXX NECKTIE: a death threat made with no intention of it being carried out.
GENERAL LEEING: randomly chasing after a target and threatening to rape them before immediately running away.
XXXX’S LAW:a police department that is thoroughly under the syndicate’s control.
DEJA VOOOO:doing the same skit over and over again.

The Sworn Testimony of Former FBI Senior Special Agent-In-Charge Ted Gunderson 

I, Ted l. Gunderson, hereby swear under the pains of penalties of jury that the following statements are true and correct:

My name is Ted L. Gunderson. 
I am the owner and operator of Ted
L. Gunderson & Associates, an international security and consulting firm based out of Santa: Monica, California.  I am currently a licensed private investigator in the state of California.
Previous to: my work as:a private investigator I spent nearly three decades in the F.B.I. Between 1951 and 19601 was an EB.I. Special Agent. In 1960 I was promoted as a supervisor at FBI Headquarters in Washington,. D.C., where I was in charge of Organized Crime and Racketeering investigations covering 26 Offices nationwide. Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, I was re-assigned to Special Inquiry White House Matters at F.B.I. Headquarters. In 1965 1 was promoted again to Assistant Special: Agent-In-Charge of Internal Security and Anti-Terrorism of the F.B.I. New Haven, Connecticut Field: Office. In 1970 I was promoted to Assistant Special Agent In-Charge of the F.B.I. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Field Office, On July 12, 1972 I successfully negotiated with two terrorist hijackers of National Airlines Flight 496 for the release of 119 passengers at Philadelphia International: Airport In :1973 [was promoted to Chief Inspector at F.B.I.. Headquarters. T also served as Special Agent-In-Charge of the F.B.I. Memphis and Dallas Field Offices. I retired from the F.B.I. as Senior Special Agent-In-Charge of the Los Angeles Field Office of the F.B.I. with over 700 employees and a budget of over 22 million dollars in 1979.
Based on my investigative work, which includes intelligence from sources such as active and former members of the Intelligence Services (including the F.B.I., the C.I.A., the N.S.A. and Military Intelligence), information from informants active in criminal enterprises, and, victim testimonies, l have come to the conclusion that thousands of victims have been targeted by an illegal government rogue criminal enterprise that is active 24 hours a day within the U.S. This conspiracy is far too active to be controlled or operated by private enterprise whose goals are achieving financial gain. These operations require extensive financing with no return on the investment. This program's operations are financed by illegal black operations, i.e., narcotics, prostitution, child kidnapping (children sell at covert auctions for up to $50,000 per child), human trafficking, gambling and other rackets.

I have documentation and know that throughout the U.S., operating 24 hours-a-day and 7 days-a-week, there is a Central Command, located within the U.S., with multiple satellite offices, whose administrators can instantly initiate surveillance, phone taps and harassment against any individual in the country. They have the technology, financing and manpower to dispense illegal surveillance and harassment against anyone at any time day or night.. I have files on numerous cases of active, programmatic, illegal government harassment currently being conducted against thousands of Americans. This makes the F.B.I.'s former COINTELPRO program, which I. worked on, including in a supervisory capacity, look like a Sunday school program by comparison.

I firmly believe that most individuals working in the F.B.I., other intelligence agencies, and the government overall are honest, law-abiding public servants. However, a sophisticated network of rogue operatives has secretly infiltrated the F.B.I., other intelligence agencies including the CIA., and other key government positions. This rogue element seeks personal power and wealth and considers themselves above the law and the Constitution.
They are carrying out the aforementioned surveillance and harassment activities in conjunction with organized crime, the cult movement in America including Satanic cults, other commercial and political interests, and even misguided civic organizations and neighborhood groups.
This illegal surveillance and harassment program is being called gang stalking and organized stalking by the victims targeted by it. The Victims are targeted for a variety of reasons, including government and corporate whistleblowers, parties to financial and employment disputes, parties to marital disputes (usually divorced women), and even jilted paramours. Journalists, covering controversial issues, and, even attorneys and private investigators representing unpopular clients or interests, have been targeted by this program. 
Individuals targeted by this program have been subjected to illegal and unconstitutional phone taps, illegal re-routing of business and private phone calls for purposes of harassment, illegal audio "bugging", surreptitious entry into home, office, and vehicle, visual surveillance in the home conducted by illegal placement of miniature remote, wireless cameras (often accessible via interne), illegal internet spyware, illegal GPS tracking (often through their own  mobile phones), regular fixed and mobile surveillance, mail misdirection, mail theft and tampering, financial and employment sabotage, slander campaigns and community ostracizing , internet disinformation and smear campaigns, poisoning, assaults and murder, illegal set-ups on drug charges and other felony charges, amongst many other civil rights abuses.
In addition  to high-ranking members of the F.B.I., other intelligence services, and the government overall, wealthy, powerful members of criminal syndicates, multi-millionaires and the corporate elite are using the government gang stalking program to harass enemies. They can get a targeted individual harassed for the rest of that individual life (individual cases of gang stalking lasting for over a decade are common), The higher status members of the gang stalking conspiracy initiate the gang stalking and coordinate logistics and funding. Lower echelon government rogue operatives, lower ranking members of the military (in violation of Posse Comitatus), petty criminals and street thugs perform the actual grunt work of daily monitoring and harassment of individuals targeted by the program.
Based on my professional experience, extensive intelligence  information and belief, It is my professional opinion that the F.B.I. is involved in and, has investigative files on the subject of gang stalking, related gang stalking methods, and gang stalking groups in the F.B.I.'s vast intelligence files, that are responsive to Mr. Labella's F.O.I.A. Complaint.   
Furthermore, I have personally referred numerous victims of gang stalking to the appropriate agents at the F.B.I. for investigation of their cases. I have also furnished the F.B.I. with documentation of an active, international child-kidnapping ring probably operated by rogue C.I.A. agents. The FBI has ignored my requests to investigate even though it is their responsibility to investigate kidnappings. I have a contact in Germany who advises me that the C.I.A. has set up secret operations on U.S. military bases for the kidnapping, sale and tracking or children worldwide.
The F.B.I. may be using a unique codename and nomenclature for the gang-stalking phenomenon in its records. The F.B.I. and other intelligence agencies are administering and covering up the rogue, covert, government criminal enterprise of gang stalking. 
The gang stalking phenomenon appears in the records of both the F,B.I. and the N.S.A. in their records pertaining to the Echelon Program, Carnivore System, and Tempest Systems. In addition, the gang stalking phenomenon appears in the records of both the F.B.I. and the N.S,A, in their records pertaining to information collected by Narus systems. Narus is a wholly owned subsidiary of defense contractor Boeing that produces sophisticated, mass surveillance computer systems currently being used by both the F.B.I. and the N.S.A.
Dated this 23   day of  April  2011.
Los Angeles, California

Please read below a quote from 4/12/2019 US Intel Report:

6. President Trump will announce many things in the coming months. Massive jobs are going to be created. One of Trump's announcements will be the massive corruption within our own FBI! We've caught them red handed!

7. President Trump will make an announcement soon about the trillions of dollars soon coming back into the US Treasury. This money was previously stolen by the Bush Crime Syndicate. They used this money for all sorts of evil and to take over the entire economy of the United States!

8. Trump now needs this money, so the country doesn't panic when they learn that our FBI is literally infested with demonic cockroaches, who protected crooked Hillary for a paycheck! 
 Once again: US FBI is literally infested with demonic cockroaches... 
Please Listen a video-testimony of US Veteran, former Special FBI Agent in Charge Gerald Sosbee, to understand what kind of atrocities the FBI, Fusion Centers, and so-called Doctors of Death of the Veteran Hospitals have committed in the USA! 
Report # 106: Barbara Hartwell & Geral Sosbee: CIA & FBI Cover Stories, Lies, & Provocations

Some notes: 
13:33, they money grub US citizens and put them on the streets.  Subject of the counterintelligence operation. 
15:13; 16:11 Secret Law 24/7 target TIs in cars, home, and on the streets..
16:39 Satanic FBI led by war criminals: Miller, Comey. McCabe.  Energy weaponry;
18:43 Targeted Individuals (TIs)!  Torturing, money grubbing, evicting Tis, making them homeless  and forcing TIs  to commit subside;
18:44; 19:11 Unconstitutional and illegal surveillance: listening phone calls, read emails and see your communications, after which the Satanic CIA and FBI (according to the Intel Report: FBI's demonic cockroaches ) interfere and isolate TIs-target individuals.  Exactly what these FBI's demonic cockroacheswith its corrupted police chiefs are doing now with me. 

Criminal FBI, 
(FBI's demonic cockroaches), are  so powerful and can go away after murders and tortures of innocent US citizens.

23:46, The corrupted police cops, many of whom are pedophiles and Satanists.  (Nina's Note: such as 
Born in Puerto-Rico Police Gangster Ed Garcia-Chief of San Jose Police Department, born in Vietnam Police Chief  Phan Ngo, a gangster who hijacked with his crime partners Sunnyvale Police Departments, Ngo’s friend Chief of Los Gatos Police Peter Decena-a well-known police gangster and sadist,  are torturing and murdering with DE weapons innocent people-residents of Santa Clara County, such as Veteran John Bardes, Veteran Jim Haley, Veteran Yuri Lauwder and regular US citizens like me). They are murdering and torturing innocent citizens with approval and participation of the FBI…

FBI is responsible for killing innocent civilians... Invisible system, killing with Direct Energy weapons... 

25: 31 Federal Magistracy judges, the most corrupted officials in our system.  Exactly!  Please, read a letter appeal of Karen Steward, NSA’s whistleblower…

24:24 Invisible court criminal system (Nina's Note: Exactly as the corrupted judges of the Santa Clara County Court)
29:04 Sleep deprivation, tortures, financial abuses,
Important!  Falsifications of TI's records! The FBI (FBI's demonic cockroaches) falsify TIs' records, after which these criminals- corrupted FBI agents, police chiefs and sheriffs show these falsified records to the neighbors, people around TIs, and to some family members.  They are satanazing society and forcing them to attack, harass and torture targeted individuals...
Nina's Note: Dear Friends and Officials!  I already showed to the International Criminal Tribunals and DOJ the system and financial accounts, from which FBI's demonic cockroaches, the murderers-mercenaries of Fusion Centers, many of whom are corrupted police cops, corrupted mayors and the city councils, and the Doctors of Deaths are being paid monthly. (MONTHLY!!) by the Housing Cartel of the Northern California, which belongs to the foreign bankers of the Khazarian Jewish Mafia and to Jesuits.

This Housing Cartel has been led by Matt Franklin, one of the Clinton's pedophiles, a member of the Clinton's criminal network.  This housing cartel hijacked completely subsidized and other kinds of housing of California.  Let me know if you want to see this system and the accounts from which corrupted police chiefs are being paid.

As three examples, I showed in my report the City of Mountain View, City of Sunnyvale and the City of San Jose of California.    

32:01 Gerald: Satanic criminal FBI forcing people to commit suicides and watching it on their computers.  Nina: or murder people in cars and reported that citizens committed suicides…

Ms. Nina: 
Exactly!! Gerald is right! This is true!
The Member of a Satanic Pedophile Gang-Torture Jewish Nazis' Syndicate, Marty Ray, who was a manager of Shorebreeze Apartment Complex, 460 Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA, told me in 2014 and 2015 that the pedophiles-Satanists, including San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, DA Jeff Rosen-President of Synagogue, the FBI demonic cockroaches of Northern California, the Jesuits of the Santa Clara Jesuit University,  corrupted cops-leaders of some police departments, some city  councils, and mercenaries of the Fusion Centers, were laughing while watching video-taped suffering and deaths of the Shorebreeze tenants, including US Veteran Jim Haley, Veteran Youri Lauwder, Shorezreeze Tenant-Ms. Zlotnick and some other tenants, who were murdered… I can identify some of them to you.  

I reported about this to the Internationals Criminal Tribunals, mass media, VT Today, to the headquarters of all 50 US State FBI agencies and to DOJ. Check my reports. I took photos of Marty Ray during her testimony and I submitted her photos with my report to DOJ and other agencies. 

In addition, the corrupted police chiefs and their crime partners in police departments, FBI's demonic cockroaches, and Satanists of the private criminal corporation NFCA-Fusion Centers, are taking photos and videos of naked children, women and men by inserting hidden video-cameras in the bathrooms and bedrooms of the apartments of unaware tenants.  They submit these photos to the pedophiles and sell them these videos to a Dark Web as the Snuff Films in a subscription-based movie industry, which one of the witnesses call the police media gang-stalking industry.  

Gerald and Barbara: US Veterans commit 22 suicides per days... MKLtra style mind control... Phonics,  Gladio,  FBI Nazis...(MKLTRA, drugs, hypnosis, forcing TIs to commit suicide...) 
36:17  Homeless on the street !  VA Hospitals are Evil!!

36:35 Gerald stated that some honest VA Doctors are aware of what is going on...but they cannot stop FBI (Demonic FBI's cockroaches and corrupted police chiefs) or to do much to stop mass murders of Veterans! 
41:04 Turning society to bunch of sociopaths, requesting neighbors and people around the TIs-targeted individuals and attack the innocent good people, TIs-targeted individuals!  

42:14 Turning people against the targets...  
42:40 CIA Agent Barbara The goal is always to make you homeless, destitute and alone, ...
Satanizing Society!  
CIA Agent Barbara: Gerald is the Primary FBI whistle-blower!

 S.A.T.A.N-Silent Assassination Trough Adapting Network