How Quickly Would You Like the Event to Happen?

Everyone in the Awakened community can most likely agree the road to the Event, or Galactic Superwave is taking entirely too long. If there was a way for each of you to assist to move it forward, would you set aside your daily tasks to genuinely help the process make the jump to light speed? Lightworkers/Lightwarriors are constantly asking ‘what is my mission?’…what if we told you, this is it!
Since everything we do, feel and exude goes directly into the planetary Light grid, we must be extremely aware, disciplined, and responsible with our actions, emotions and thoughts if we want the Light grid to be fueled with the proper frequency needed to continue to assist the Breakthrough to manifest the Event. This is the point in which responsibility falls directly into our laps…our emotions and heart-felt vibrations of pure, unconditional love energy are the fuel to infuse the light grid and speed up the process! It cannot be a mix of anger, hatred and fear, along with brief moments of love. It must be a pure frequency free from lower vibrational emotions. It must be at least 90 percent pure, held in place for a consistent amount of time, in order to create a critical mass and turning point. 
When we fester in anger, or hatred, it neutralizes positive emotions already in the grid! Nothing is compartmentalized. You cannot choose what you wish to infuse into the grid. Everything is included! Consistency of high vibrating, loving, heartfelt joy, love, laughter, and care for each other, is key. We are sending a clarion call to all Lightworkers to buckle down, clear your blockages, do your forgiving, and your inner work now! Make a commitment to radiate as much pure light as possible to accelerate the Breakthrough process. Dedicate yourself to assisting with the most important mission of your life, planetary freedom.

13 Virtues, and Advanced Technologies as Powerful Tools to Assist the Breakthrough
The ÆNA Group, based in Japan, has created a powerful and critical list of 13 Virtues necessary to practice, and ‘embody’, in order to activate our individual Ascension process, and assist with planetary Ascension. They are a very advanced group of individuals helping immensely with the Planetary Liberation and Ascension. Although only in Japanese, here is a link to the ÆNA Group website for more information about their work and mission.
This is the ÆNA Group’s list of 13 Virtues which are all aspects of Love:
  1. BLISS
  7. HOPE
  8. JOY
  12. TRUST
The object here is to genuinely practice the wisdom/action of these virtues when relating to yourself and others is critical at this point to continue to assist with the True Earth Ascension Timeline for Humanity. For many people it will require an honest look at how one thinks, speaks and acts while relating to people in daily life. It will require letting go of all situations and people that do not serve the highest good of the planet and Humanity’s path. It may require an overhaul or complete change in attitude and decisions for many to create a kinder and more loving personality, a new way of being. In essence, it will require each of us to release all negative ‘Matrix’ programming, and do a complete ‘reboot’ to the entire system, on an emotional and spiritual level. 
You can start simply with easy situations, then proceed to the more difficult ones as you become more practiced at embodying these virtues toward self, and others. If you want a better world, it must start here. Find the love deep within your soul, and share it with the world around you. Be authentic in your interactions with others. The Universe reads emotions, not words. The idea here is twofold, not only will we fuel the grid with frequencies necessary to accelerate the Breakthrough, we will also prepare ourselves to withstand, and better assimilate the energetic changes coming from the Cosmic waves hitting the Earth now and in the future.
How We Effect the Planetary Grid Determines the Speed of the Event
Since everything we do, feel and exude goes directly into the planetary Light grid, we must be consciously aware of our responses, reactions, fears, worries and emotional focus at all times. We must make the shift from the negative ‘Matrix’ programming to the positive True Earth Ascension paradigm, a virtuous way of relating to ourselves, each other, and the planet. The key here is to use the Heart as the ‘brain’ in all actions we take, and in ways we feel and perceive, along with higher logic. 
In this case, it is not the emotional heart we speak of, but the innate wisdom of the ‘higher heart’ which is connected to the Higher Self and I AM presence. True heart-felt, genuine intention to act in these virtuous ways, feel them deeply, truly mean every thought, action and feeling, andembody these virtues, will move you into a higher dimension while still on Earth. This action will help the planetary shift immensely. The beginning of the Ascension process is literally breaking free from negative programming in order to embrace a more advanced spiritual existence
As a result, a new way of understanding and relating will organically develop. It will create a more peaceful, blissful and profound existence for you. It will create a field of light which will welcome Ascension energies. You will plug into the planetary grid and be a lighthouse, a beacon of light that can accelerate the planetary shift. This is why the 144,000 came to Earth.
The Importance of Understanding Vibration
This list of virtues encompasses the energy critical for amplifying the Breakthrough to higher levels, leading to the Phase Transition Event/Galactic Superwave, creating a monumental positive shift planetwide. The mission of the entire Awakened community is to collectively create a unified field of energy emanating the exact frequency as the Galactic Wave of Love coming to Earth, and infuse it into the grid. Since we exist within a vibrational Universe, and like attracts like, we must understand the only way to attract what we desire, which is the Event, we must BE the love we have been waiting to receive for such a long time! Does this make sense to you? Be that which you wish to create so it will speed up the process? This is the physics of the Quantum Field we exist within. It is the energy of Source that brings thoughts into manifestation. What we choose to manifest will only come to us if we vibrate to the exact frequency it carries
With that said, it is critical we let go of dramas, anger, fear, and lower emotional patterns/behaviors that disconnect us from Source. We must let go of identifying ourselves with our ‘Matrix-based’ identity.  We must let go of the need to judge others, and apply compassion to any situation. It is important to understand others are going through their own challenging soul journey. We should always consider this when we engage with others in respect to their journey, and possible wounds. 
We must move into acceptance, respect the journeys of others just as you would appreciate the same in return. Healthy boundaries are always important, it is the kindness aspect that needs to be practiced by all. We can agree to disagree, yet still be unified in our intention to accelerate the Breakthrough. It is time to purify and unblock the physical, mental and emotional bodies and vibrationally elevate oneself enough to embody our Higher Self in physical form…become our Authentic selves. What you do to earn a living is not who you are! That identity must clear in order to fully embrace you Higher being and see through the eyes of the Divine being you truly are.
Practicing the 13 Virtues Accelerates Personal Ascension into a Master Human
As you practice these virtues, in a genuine way (the Universe reads your vibration, not your words), you will elevate/ascend your vibration into a faster, higher vibrating frequency more likened to that of Source. Your physical mind will ascend, and your Higher Self will descend into your physical self with ease, meeting in the middle, to create a powerful being with physical attributes directly connected to the higher realms, and Earth. The amazing attribute of the upcoming cosmic shift is we will ascend with our physical bodies! We must prepare our bodies, minds, energy field for this process. With practice and commitment, we become extremely powerful as we harness the wisdom from the Higher Self database; a blend of both worlds. All decisions, actions and feelings will automatically radiate the energy of the Divine Spark of Source within you. This will be your new way of existing. Your internal navigation system will be amazing, and powerful, very advanced, creating a new paradigm and example for others.
Practicing these virtues will allow you to be more peaceful, and calm within your inner being. You will be more loving toward your Self and others. You will treat people and yourself with deep respect. You will refuse to create or engage in fights or dramas. Instead you will be solution-oriented with peace in your heart and entire being. You will choose to resolve problems instead of being part of the problem!
You can also access and maintain clear guidance with a pure filter, free from any type of interference. It will assist you to stay anchored. It will directly assist others as you radiate a beautiful example of a person fully committed to his/her Ascension process. You will consistently elevate the frequency of the Lightworker grid encasing the planet with loving Source energy. This is an extremely important aspect of the mission of the 144,000 souls who came to assist the planetary liberation of Earth. It shouldn’t only be when you are meditating, but in every action all day long.
You will be able to set intentions to manifest a better life for yourself, others and for the planet which will manifest swiftly, and easily. Your meditations will be powerful, very deep and give clear, authentic messages full of wisdom and healing energy, free from interference. You will have guidance come through to assist with your higher purpose, create better health and well-being. You will be able to activate your psychic and energetic abilities, (which we all have) much easier. The list of positive attributes is truly endless. The profound understanding you will access for your mission will come with deep conscious awareness of whom you truly are, your own personal disclosure.
When we are in full alignment with these virtues, and practice them during the entire day and night, we are actually in strong alignment with Source, and the living embodiment of our Higher Self. We live fully and consistently within the heart. This is the true meaning and practice of ‘operating in the heart’. It is incorporated within us as a way of being, not just something we do when we meditate. Knowing this, we must clear our minds, physical toxins, and our hearts from betrayal, fear, anger, grief, and anything that stops the flow of love toward ourselves, and others. The heart is the vessel/chalice for Ascension, and will not work properly if it is blocked. The physical and energetic dynamic of the Ascension process is explained perfectly in Cobra’s blog article about the Ascension Plan.
One will not incur negative karma when following the 13 Virtues created by the ÆNA  group, since the focus will be on positive behaviors/emotions and the goal of personal and planetary Ascension. We are living in a very critical time right now on the True Earth Ascension Timeline. We must understand our role in creating a unified field/grid of high vibrating Love energy to magnetically attract and welcome the Galactic Superwave Event to Earth. Through participating in the powerful Flower of Life mediation this will assist in stabilizing the planetary grid and bring in the frequencies needed for the Event. Reference more information and the Flower of Life guided mediation in Cobra’s article about “The Shift.” 
We are the vessels that must anchor the Superwave into the planetary grid. It cannot be done successfully if we are not holding a high percentage of light, and do not have our feet firmly grounded on Mother Earth. It will only delay even longer. We must do this with a strong commitment, a heart filled with love, bliss, compassion, gratitude, wisdom, freedom, beauty, hope, joy, laughter, courage, honesty, trust, and the abundance of Source.
May every step together forge the True Earth Timeline.
With unconditional love,
Crystal Green and the IK team
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