Is website host of the Qanon movement down?

Please check website. It is not loading for anyone.

The website host of the Qanon movement is down. Q is not posting for 2 months now and we need some answers.

Q is the name of an anonymous user from the website 8chan related to the white hats in the military of the United States of America that has been exposing the deep state and the shadow government for 2 years now since 2017. The subjects they expose include the secret societies with special focus on the satanic rituals, pedofilia rings in the elite circles and the corruption in many levels of government.

Please watch this video to understand the deep meaning of the Q purpose and movement and the importance of their task. 

This does not mean the movement is dead. It just mean the website is down and very high powerful people must be interested in ending this movement but patriots are everywhere and the movement will always continue as long as there are patriots including citizens from all around the world. Keep the fight patriots!! We are all Q. We are all anonymous and we are everywhere. Never surrender!!!   

Please share and help spread the word about this important new!!!


  1. 8chan has been down for nearly two months now...


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