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I was requested to share this post and hope you all help in clearing and cleaning the water:)

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Mission for August 2019: OPERATION - THE LIGHT ROCKS

GREETINGS IRIDESCENT member of the FAMILY OF LIGHT, my brothers and sisters: 

i hope where ever you are on our GLORIOUS mother, you are doing as well as can BE

A favourite quote by Bruce Lee: “Be like water” 

As many of you are already aware the MIRACULOUS element called water, is not only a great teacher in its fluidity, BALANCE, softness and unpredictable strength when needed, but...

Water also covers 70% of the earth, and nearly 70% of our bodies hold this MIRACULOUS element. There is also only upto 3% fresh water on the entire earth, making drinking water very scarce and PRECIOUS
Water is a GREAT library of information for the past, as it holds memory and remembers everything: 
For this reason, water is very SACRED, and its frequency can change based on external factors such as intention or sound, as studied by Dr Emoto:
As water is a LIVING element, it can be reprogrammed to hold new information. Therefore, it is able to hold future memory or at least affect the future. When this reprogrammed water flows across the earth, it can pass this new information into our own bodies, and the bodies of those who have not yet heard the call or touched the by the LIGHT.

Something close to my HEART is those who are impacted directly, and indirectly by trafficking and displacement, especially across oceans and seas. 

The chaos, suffering and even death, during child trafficking or migrant displacement echo and impact FAMILIES, and those around them who help such as volunteers. 

i can flood a desert in tears for such adults and children, because many of us have so much in common with them. Many of us are displaced on earth from our own SOUL FAMILIES or migrants from the STARS
This very sad eye-opening short documentary is hard to face, but i feel this must be shared, to understand why this MISSION for this month is so important for this AMAZING element. i hope this all touches your HEART as much as it did mine, so that you can understand the importance of this MISSION and how much it needs to have OUR intention of LIGHT behind. 

Water as a whole, has been abused for lifetimes. Rivers are suffering the energy of pollution and death from daily use of chemicals in homes, offices and factories. The dams are suffering droughts and the energy of loss, lakes are holding energy from death and diminishing species. The ocean’s and seas are retaining many many FREQUENCIES of death, fear and suffering especially from human displacement. 

So this month’s MISSION is all about this WONDERful element. 
WE are going to work together to PURIFY, heal and add LIGHT to the water globally, TOGETHER

The INTENTION behind a word still has POWER of the speaker when said, but some words roots are actually reversed in modern times. An example is the word passion, the roots of this word actually means “to suffer”.
So, this word has lost all its meaning when we say something like “my passion is gardening”. It in fact is a negative rooted word and is being used as a POSITIVE word, without us knowing.In many ways this is cursing oneself.This makes many of us review not only the quantity of our words, but much more important the quality. Here try some words for yourself to see its TRUTHful meaning:

*NOTE FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS: English is a very NEW language compared with other languages. So some words like the word LOVE actually has no roots beyond early English, meaning it’s a very new word. Maybe this is why, we say things like "i love pizza". It’s LIKE we know fundamentally this word has been sold cheaply to US

Although we use this word LOVE in english for many things and we all understand its meaning, there are far more POWERFUL words that are truly close to the FEELING we describe such as AMOR (family love), AGAPE (unconditional love) or EROS (romantic love). 

STEP 2: PREPARATION:You will need a permanent marker for this. It must be permanent, or the writing will come off. Second you will need some rocks, preferably big enough to get writing on or  if you are GIFTED and able to draw SACRED geometry on. You will be able to find rocks, shells or pebbles near mountains, seas, lakes or rivers near you. The smooth round ones work best. These can be found in nature for free, or if you can afford to buy larger from garden centres or amazon, depending on your needs.  

STEP 3: PREPARATION:This is where your MISSION starts, think of all the areas of water that needs healing around your area. Make a to do list for these areas. Next get the kids involved, get anyone who VIBES on your level to help, because when two or more are gathered the POWER increases. 

Get your rocks, and start to write on them words like AMORPEACEHEALINGAGAPEBALANCELIFEPOWERLIGHT whatever you FEEL the body of water you are BLESSING needs. If you are able to you can even draw the flower of LIFEon the rock. 

The most IMPORTANT part of this MISSION is your INTENTION of your ENERGYthat is placed into the rock. So whatever you FEEL, will be transferred into the rock and ultimately in the water. 

For my pebble I used the word EQUALITY for a large pond in a very wealthy area, to help those with so much see the need for SHARING.

STEP 4: OPERATION:Now take your rocks with you and throw then into the bodies of water you are going to BLESS. They will float to the bottom and hold the ENERGY of whatever you have written on the rock. Water already is a very HIGH transmitter of ENERGY, so even a small body of water can have a potent impact when combined with INTENTION.

I know some might say, why not use a regular crystal, and for this I will reply: "the day you really know how POWERFUL you are, you wont need any tools because you will know you are far more POWERFUL than you can ever IMAGINE".

Don’t forget to make a few extra for yourself on bad days, so you can add these to the bath to INVIGORATE yourself, and give you HEALING and STRENGTHPOWER or PROTECTION.

This project was chosen to assist filling in small LIGHT gaps from the cintamani project by using free materials from nature. If feel you need more POWER  there are some options below:

Our choice for this project is homemade LIGHT rocks: 
Nature will provide free stones, pebbles or shells. For the pens try use a nontoxic waterproof marker which are less damaging to the earth (do the best you can). iBELIEVE the outcome of this effort will outweigh the small damage of the markers used. Henna is natural alternative but the writing won’t last long. However your ENERGY imbued in the pebble or rock will hold indefinitely even if the words rub off:

For smaller bodies of water like lakes /dams/streams that have suffered severe pollution or death and you feel your energy alone wont be enough.
A limited amount of free stones for water only will be avaliable the start of September, if you can wait. These stones are only meant for those who feel called to BLESS a body of water with Cintamani, but are unable to afford a Cintamani stone for the project themselves. Any Cintamani stone that weighs more than 3 grams is perfect for being dropped/placed in bodies of water (both regular and gem quality stones are fine). Tachionized Cintamani stones are more effective than non-tachionized
Shipping within U.S. $3 usd
International shipping $12 usd

For severely damaged large bodies of oceans/seas, that need STRONG healing for trafficking/death, and you feel your energy alone wont be enough.
Gem cintamani are avaliable immediately if you feel that the water requires very STRONG healing that is vast in size (up to 30 miles). These stones are valued at a higher amount due to the HIGH quality. Please do not feel obligated to buy, these are only for those in a GOOD financial position. Any Cintamani stone that weighs more than 3 grams is perfect for being dropped in bodies of water (both regular and gem quality stones are fine). Tachionized Cintamani stones are more effective than non-tachionized stones.

*If you use cintamani stones in water please email the address above with the coordinates, there is a global map that tracks all these stones.

And this completes your MISSION....and this, this is how we heal the waters of our mother TOGETHER. i HOPE you ENJOY this MISSION as much as i have. Its tried and tested 😊

i leave you with a PROFOUND song to remind you of your own migration from the STARS, or away from your own SOUL FAMILIES and TWIN SOULS 

With the LIGHT and LOVE and GRACE of 10 000 suns and stars*

your sister of LIGHT

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