End Raytheon's Active Denial System

End Raytheon's Active Denial System
The defense contractor Raytheon has built an Active Denial System with the Air Force Research Laboratory for the Department of Defense. This direct energy weapon is being illegally used on innocent civilians without any Congressional oversight or laws. These microwave based weapons fire a "pain ray" at protestors, activists, and dissidents at 95 Ghz.
It appears to a collection of concerned citizens that the Active Denial System is being abused and used on American civilians inside their private residence, place of work, and other public areas. This is not only a violation of many existing laws, the US Constitution and war treaties, but also is a extreme violation of human rights.
We ask that Raytheon conduct an in-depth audit of how their direct energy weapon is being used and immediately end the Active Denial System program that is being illegally used on United States civilians.