Sierra (NZ) -- Epstein Arrested for Sex Trafficking Minors

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Sierra (NZ) -- Epstein Arrested for Sex Trafficking Minors

Source: Dinar Chronicles

EyeTheSpy and George@TheCollectiveQ have both announced the arrest of billionaire satanist Jeffrey Epstein for sex trafficking minors...

Q started talking about Epstein as early as 11th November 2017. Check out Q drop 133 at the bottom of this thread...

Excerpt from Q drop 133...

'...Epstein Island.
What is a temple?
What occurs at a temple?
...Vladmir Putin: "The New World Order Worships Satan."'

Q drop 999 on 3rd April 2018...

'Why is Epstein spending 29mm to bury the tunnels underneath his temple on Epstein Island?
Phones were allowed in.
These people are stupid.'

Q Drop 1055 on 6th April 2018 features a photo of Bill Clinton and Rachel Chandler on a plane...

'Epstein's plane.
Who is she?
Follow friends.
Friends lead to others.
Open source.'

Q drop 3133 on 20th March 2019 features another photo of Bill Clinton, linked to Rachel Chandler and Epstein Island.

And Q drop 3140 also on 20th March 2019...

'Epstein Island dungeon (beneath the temple).
Sex and torture rooms.
Openly flaunt across social media?

As Q often says: 'We have it all'. 

NO ONE is untouchable. Justice is now swiftly approaching, and with it a world of PAIN for Epstein's famous friends including Bill Clinton and Prince Andrews among many others.

Some cabal mainstream media may try to implicate President Trump as a 'friend' of Epstein's. VOAT Anons have researched and discovered that it seems Donald Trump did go to Epstein Island once but left immediately, never to return. It seems that Trump offered to help the prosecution with information when Epstein was first arrested in 2009. And when Epstein harassed a young woman at Trump's resort, he was banned for life. The message? Use your discretion and do your own research.

Speaking of research, there is a lot of disinformation flying around at present. We were warned this would be the case. Information meant for us is read by the Deep State, therefore we must willingly accept that we are being exposed to disinformation as part of the Alliance plan.

Epstein's arrest is a YUUUUGE step forward for the Alliance. It is a pivotal domino that will see the toppling of many famous Deep State satanists.

As for the RV? The Deutsche Bank's implosion has been considered an important marker - this event appears to be imminent.

Buckle up, friends, the ride is about to get REALLY interesting!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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