SEEing the Light, and BEing the Light. That’s it.

Kp Message 7-30-19… “The Light continues to Pour in” (like it or not!)

So that about says it. No need to even write any more than that. But I will…
Sometimes I have a difficulty with watching many different “news type” videos, about, well, say, Q posts, so and so being exposed, etc., and then there’s occasional articles I may read that write about things like that.
And then I post none of them. So……..
There’s many times I realize that the only “thing” that matters is the Light. Which may sound kind of “generic”, but that’s really all that means anything to me anymore. SEEing the Light, and BEing the Light. That’s it.
All the rest of it is, well, just so much “fluff stuff”. And all that can be “pretty” and/or “nice”, but that is all so 3D-surface-earthy-ego vibration that I really have no time for it.
Of course, Kona Coffee and Tea Mayan mochas are a somewhat different story. Much Higher Vibration… for me, at least. And the cinnamon and cayenne blended together with the chocolate-cacao, which is connected closely with the Mayan culture… well, that’s why I love them, I suppose.
So I’m not really saying too much here. But bottom line, at this time, I am not struggling with anything, not fighting anyone or anything, not trying to figure out anything, notattempting to control anything. So there.
Just allowing the Light to flow, and watching the Planet’s Vibrations grow.
Aloha, Kp