Benjamin Fulford Interview 11th July 2019 - The fall of the three obelisks

Greetings to all. This is Truth is Out and I am Chris Door. We have a very important guest with us today called Benjamin Fulford. He has been a journalist for the Forbes magazine for many years and he is the owner of the website He is also the spokeperson for the White Dragon Society which involves many groups from the military to the government in many different countries trying to liberate the planet from the control of the Cabal better known as Shadow Government or the Deep State.

The fall of the 3 obelisks means the military control of the world by the Earth Alliance of the Washington D.C obelisk with the salute to America Trump speech the 4th of July, the financial control of the City of London with the Brexit meaning England is separating of the dictatorship of the EU and world bankers and the religious control with the obelisk of the Vatican. This means the victory of the Earth Alliance. 

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