RV/Intelligence Alert: "Replenish" -- June 1, 2019

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RV/Intelligence Alert: "Replenish" -- June 1, 2019

Operation Disclosure


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

Many Earth Alliance secret meetings held in the past were hosted in Monaco.

The plan to dismantle the Federal Reserve and fabricate a trade war between the US and China was created in 2010 by the Earth Alliance.

The purpose of the US-China Trade War is to reset trade terms between nations and create fair trade.

The concept of NESARA originated from a farm claims case won in 1993.

Bill Clinton refused to sign NESARA into law and a covert operation occurred shortly after to force him to secretly sign it into law.

NESARA evolved into GESARA over time which is now a secret global treaty that all countries must comply with.

Multiple events are expected to occur creating a domino effect that will complete the transition to worldwide GESARA compliance.

Brexit will set an example for all European countries to return their sovereignty from the EU thus dismantling the EU.

The implosion of Deutsche Bank will cause the European stocks to collapse.

The declaration of martial law and the enactment of the Insurrection Act to begin mass indictments will cause US stocks to collapse.

These events will cause the global [fiat] financial system to crash and give reason to implement the new [quantum] financial system (QFS).

The QFS will replenish all necessary liquidity with gold-backed bonds.

All countries will be forced to use a gold-standard currency.

All currency rates will revalue based on each country's amount of physical gold.

The RV is expected to begin before the collapse begins.

The redemption of RV basket currencies will be transacted through the dormant QFS.