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RedPill78 -- DOJ John Durham Bombshell, More Unexplained Deaths, Veritas Reveal, NYC Pilot Update
6/12/2019 12:19:00 AM Corruption, DOJ, EU, Obama, Spygate, US Government, USA
By RedPill78
Published on June 11, 2019
DOJ letter proves the scope of the John Durham investigation covers EVERYONE, THIS IS HAPPENING!!! More strange deaths, Chopper pilot identified, and Project Veritas has another tech insider proving conservative censoring. PLUS Amash OUT of Freedom Caucus Italy is FUMING over Spygate actions by Obummer Admin.

[OpDis Editor Note: RedPill78 gives great reviews of what's happening within the US Government, Trump, and the Deep State. Another recommended YouTube channel to be subscribed to. In this video, we hear about the DOJ letter proving the scope of the Durham investigation. Also, more strange deaths, Project Vertias exposes tech insiders, and much more.]