Cobra Conference Budapest 2019

Notes from Budapest March 2019 Workshop

These are my personal notes from Cobra's workshop on the 16/17 Mar 2019. I hope these will be helpful for some people.

Soul Families – Soul family is an interconnected network that create the fabric of light around the universe. Soul family can be said to have come into this existense around the same time and share many desires. Living in soul family as opposed to biological family is the natural way that is very normal throughout the galaxy. Here on earth we have been pushed the biological family as a means to control DNA and how it’s spread through humanity.

Soul Mates – Soul mates when they come together create beautiful energies. Soul mate connection is a very efficient way to work through any issues you have remaining. When soul mates meet there are two things that can happen. They may want to run away from each other or one wants to run and the other wants to chase. Usually the cabal triggers one of the people so that they won’t want to enter into the relationship or create ways to separate them before the even come into contact with each other. The other scenario is that they get together and once they reach a stable point (after dealing with some of the issues that show up) they will together create one of the most powerful ways to break the matrix. This is why it has been very dangerous for these couples as the cabal has done many things to break these apart or stop them from meeting each other including killing one of them.

Twin Souls – When coming here to earth in the 3rd Dimention the whole “you” becomes split into two parts (1 usually more masculine, 1 usually more feminine) between the 5th and 6th dimention. People who think they have met their twin soul are usually mistaken as this is incredibly rare and powerful. Cobra comments that if you met your twin soul it would be like seeing your absolute reflection and see ALL of your issues, fears, worries etc at the SAME TIME. There are very few on the planet ready for this kind of connection. Twin souls are not always incarnated here in the physical at the same time either, they maybe in the etheric, they maybe on the motherships or they maybe somewhere out on another plannet in the universe.

** Twin soul Meditation
Breath in brilliant white light for a few minutes.
Visualize your twin soul standing before you.
Visualize your base chakra (1st) being connected to their base chakra
Visualize your sexual chakra (2nd) being connected to their sexual chakra
Visualize your solar plexus chakra (3rd) being connected to their solar plexus chakra
Visualize your heart chakra (4th) being connected to their heart chakra
Visualize your throat chakra (5th) being connected to their throat chakra
Visualize your third eye (6th) chakra being connected to their third eye chakra
Visualize your crown (7th) chakra being connected to their crown chakra
Take a minute to say all the things you would love to say to your twin soul.
Now a minute and listen to what they have to tell you.

Cobra says doing this meditation each day will help the connection become more clear and will take time to stabilize. The image you see may change initially because of this disruption. One reason to do this meditation is that if you know where you’re twin soul is it will help with the relationship programming that has gone on here on the surface and won’t hold you back.

Monogamy / Non-monogamy

Cobra stated that out in the rest of the galaxy things work differently in relationships. The programs that are running here on this planet are designed to keep society controlled to a great degree. Many couples are not happy and often this is because only 10% of couples are staying together with their free will choice. Many women can often be very jelous and controling if they see “their man” (notice the ownership) looking around at other women. Similarly men sometimes treat some women as an object to own. This lack of free will in relationship is inhibiting and causes many issues.
If the man is being controled by the woman then she is becoming more dominant (more masculine) and the man is becoming a pleaser (more feminine). This energy imbalance is exactly what the cabal is trying to promote. 
In galactic society monogamous relationships occur when two individuals come together and out of their free will they choose to stay with each other for as long as that remains true. The rest of society would come together in open, loving connections but may not be monogamous.

Implants / Levels of programming

The first level of programming we receive is gained when we agree to the terms of being on planet earth when arriving here. This creates the primary implant which stops our connection with source, higherself, godself or however you wish to call this. Cobra explans that the primary implant is the most difficult to remove because when you work on it without breaking it there is technology in place that can renew the implant again.

The second level of programming is activated just after the first level and will effect men and women differenty:
  • Women are allowed to have full connection to the heart chakra and experience all the emotions there. Women are not allowed to experience the sexual chakra and sexual energy.
  • Men are fully allowed to experience their sexual chakara and desire but are not allowed to feel the heart chakra or experience emotions.

The third level of programming comes from your parents. These are automatic unconscious programs help enforce the 1st and 2nd level of programming. For example that men must not cry and women do their duty to family and not feel pleasure. Of course the degree of the programming depends on family but the basic idea is there.

The fourth level of programming comes from your education.

The fifth level of programming comes from the media/television.

Cobra shows us the locations of the Primary implant and secondary implant. The first implant is actually 2 locations within your head not far away from each other. The 2nd implant location is 3 fingers above your navel in the center of your body. Together these form a triangle which the dark exploits for the reasons above.

Timelines / New Plan
In the months leading up to 2019 2 timelines have collapsed (Alpha, Beta) and we have now shifted to the Gamma timeline. Cobra says this was always the most stable timeline and we’re now on it. This timeline involves transforming part of society. It needs dedicated groups living in the Islands of Light working towards ascension and contact with our ET bretheren from the stars and the Resistance movement below.

The other very exciting news is that a big meeting was held and the decision was made to take the planet by force when the time is right. Enough cosmic laws have been violated here that physical intervention is now a possibility. The pleadians while very patient have also had enough and action is required. This intervention will likely be in the form of a silent takeover. I suspect we may not even be aware of anything until theyre ready to annouce changes.

The Island of Light community locations are not decided yet but they will be placed on specific important energy lines around the planet. The structures and formation will be based on sacred geometry. There are individuals ready to assist and give knowledge on this when the right people are ready to form the community. The group of people will be very closely realated soul family and would likely be between 10 – 20 people in each Island initially.

There are several requirements to living in Islands of light in order for the community to fuctction sucsessfully. 
  • All individuals must have at least partial connection with their higher-self.
  • Must be willing to accept responsibility for mistakes
  • 2nd implant must be partially disolved (related to: sexuality, jelousy).

Cobra goes onto also say later that:
  • 1st Charkra issues must be resolved which related to fear of survival and money issues. You must be able to manifest your own abundance. 
  • 2nd Charkra issues must be cleared which are related to healing sexual trauma and also healing the link between heart and 2nd chakra.
  • 3rd Chakra issues would need to be overcome which relate to projecting issues onto other people and also needing to let go of current family ties in order to join the Islands of Light.
    • Someone asked: “Can I bring my dog?” for example, Cobra said that is up to the collective group you would be joining.

Contact dish

Pure Feminine energy is: unconditionally loving and receptive.
Pure Masculine energy is: pure action.

Both energies are equally important, however the suppression of this plannet hinges on keeping the feminine energies under tight control. In the past Cobra has posted that more feminine energy on the planet would stop all wars.

Cobra explained that female sexual energy is actually the key to cracking through the matrix, AND also triggering the solar flash from the central sun. The receptivity of the feminine sexual energy acts as the contact dish for this event, a signal that we are ready.

With this said it’s very important that women come into contact with their sexually and start to break through the blockages that have been put in our way.

Inviting a Mothership

Cobra invites us call a pleadian mothership down onto our land. This can be done by reaching our with your consciousness towards them and telling them that you give them permission and wish them to land.

Important points:
  1. You must own the land, you must be the one who signed the documents of ownership.
  2. If you do call a mothership, you must NOT discuss this with anyone. Do NOT write this anywhere. This must be a mental descision and comunication with the pleadians must be telepathic.
  3. You do not need to be living on that land, you can be further away.

The pleadians will check out if it’s safe and an appropriate location for their ship to land before they come. They will evaluate the person who invited them to see if they can handle the situation if/when they do land.

Cobra says that if we invite a pleadian mothership to land on our private land that we own, we will have their protection if any earth forces try to interfere. The law says that we are allowed to do what we wish on our private land which is why this is possible.


One of the reasons for creating Islands of Light now will be to focus on ascension process. Living in a group will bring the group much faster to ascension than on your own. These islands of light will be leading the way in the ascension process and will be a model for others to follow in the future.

In the first wave of ascension there will be a hundreds ascending. 

In the second wave of ascension there will be thousands ascending.

In the third wave os ascension there will be millions ascending.

Tool to disolve implants:

Cobra gives us a tool to help disolve the primary and secondary implants. This works to confuse the implant which will help us slowly slowly break free. I like to think of it as slowly working lose a large stick from the ground. You move it from side to side to release it’s grip.

Write for 10+ minutes each day the following statements. Focus on one implant at a time.
Primary implant: “ I am god. I am not god”
Secondary implant: “ Sex is love. Sex is not love”

This is not just writing, it is very important that you put yourself into the the mindset of what you’re writing and then reverse it when you move to the opposite statement.

Cancel all contracts with the dark forces:

You can say the following out loud to cancel all contracts with the dark forces. Cobra says it will take several times to cancel them all.

In the name of my I AM Presence,
In the name of my I AM that I AM
I cancel and I nullify
ALL my contracts and agreements with the dark forces
Past, present and future
And I decree and I command
ALL concequences of those contracts to be null and VOID.
So be it and so it is
So be it and so it is
So be it and so it is”

ATVOR Pillar of light invocation 

The ATVOR pillar of light is advanced technology from the Pleadians that will remove darkness and help with your ascension process.
This tool has been mentioned by Cobra before and he says it has become more powerful since we have caught the attention of the central race on the 21st Jan this year. This tool will continue to grow in power! 

Say out loud: “ call upon the pillor of pure white light to descend upon me and form around me.
I call upon the Presence of the I AM that I AM.
I ask the Presence of the I AM that I AM to join and merge with me.”

In your mind visualize a Pleadian mothership above you sending pure highly charged particles through you to the core of the earth. Then bring the light back up through you to the mothership.

Crystal Visualization Tool

Cobra gave another tool to help us disolve our implants. This is a very simple mediation visualization tool.

Imagine your body contained completely within this hexagonal shape. See the points of this shape all around you. Now fill this shape up with bright blue light, lighting up all around. See the implants disolving within your body (Two primary implants in the head, Secondary implant abrove the navel).

Victory of the Light!

Victory of the Light!

Victory of the Light!

Disclaimer: This is my personal interpretation of the information given during the Cobra workship in Budapest, March 2019. Although I've tried to capture as much as I can from writing and memory there maybe content that I've missed.