Follow the money

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Q-Digging on MAGA Coalition shows obvious fraud. Also those associated are non-stop attacking and obviously coordinated. Why would a PAC attack us? This in itself shows its FAKE. This PAC also engages known shills/frauds. Do we still dig? Many reported to the IRS.
Some organizations do not have good intentions.
Due diligence required.
We highlighted this particular organization as one example.📁📁📁
Follow the money.
Track donations vs. expenses.
Admin, fundraising, strategy & research, etc etc expenses highly inflated?
Monthly installment payments made to ‘names’ who can attract ‘more donations’? (the “wheel”)
How much ‘donated’ money was actually spent promoting MAGA / PRO_MAGA candidates (indirectly) vs. internal costs or ‘wheel’ costs?
When you offer ‘better’ goods and services for free there is no longer a need to ‘donate’ ‘purchase’ and/or ‘follow’ those who would use such platforms to enrich themselves. (hence the ‘attacks’)
Logical thinking always wins.
Attempts to ‘divide’ the movement draws LIGHT to their TRUE INTENTIONS.
This is about the survival of our Nation (our World) – not funding scams.
Keep your eye on the ball.